Prayer Summit

Hello all! Two weeks ago was officially time for our annual Youth Leader Prayer Summit, an exciting component leading up to Desperation Conference. We invite Youth Leaders from across the country to come to a weekend of prayer and rest specially designed for the strengthening of their ministries. It’s a way we encourage Youth Leaders […]

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Hello Friends! Out of our vow of Intercession, Consecration, Passion, and Mission, it is the time of year to dedicate two weeks to overseas missions. We are pleased to announce that the first years of DLA will be traveling quite south to St. Lucia in the beginning of June. Partnering up with Every Home For […]

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Honest Media

It is finally here! Photographs of the ambiguous and ninja-like media students. School Of Media is, more often than not, found behind the scenes sneaking shots, blended somewhere in a crowd with a camera, or above the masses working on catwalks. Naturally, the blog is managed by SOMed, so I can say we love getting […]

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Faces of DLA

John “Feeney, Let me take your portrait.” “No. No. No.” Benji “Get my serious face.” Reid “I make awkward noises when I talk. *Insert awkward noise* Oh, there it is.” Hello Again! This week is simply a continuation of our faces of DLA portrait series. Here are a couple photographs that hopefully pull the curtain […]

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Moments in Ministry

Hey friends! This week I wanted to share a few looks into the lives of School of Ministry students. As many of you know, DLA is compiled of three schools: School of Worship, School of Media, and School of Ministry. Each have their own roles and positions in DLA, and Ministry is indeed irreplaceable. There […]

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Nights Of Desperation

Hello Everyone! As of late, DLA have been visiting churches across the States hosting nights of worship and prayer with the local youth. These Nights of Desperation are just a taste of the Desperation Conference in July held here in Colorado Springs. Our goal is to encourage the local church in chasing after Jesus and […]

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