About DLA

DLA is designed to allow students to be a part of a fervent community, receive dynamic teaching, and partner in prayer for a move of God in this generation. There are two ways for you to be a part of DLA;  the Missional Track and Leadership Track. If you are employed or enrolled in college, and desire to grow in your personal relationship with the Lord, lead in the prayer movement, develop spiritual discipline, and learn to be a missionary to the world directly around you…then DLA Missional Track is for you! These students commit to twelve hours a week of intentional training, discipleship and prayer while working or going to school. Jesus called us to join his mission on earth; this track will equip you to be missional right where you are at and prepare you for long-term kingdom impact.

If you want to devote a year of your life full-time in focused discipleship, theology, and ministry training, then apply for admission to the Leadership Track. The Leadership Track is like diving into the deep end of ministry training. You will be involved in everything Desperation ministries does including, Desperation conferences, tours, high school and junior high youth group leadership, retreats, and a lot more! This track is not just for those looking to go into ministry, instead it will equip you with the tools you need to lead in the gifting and area of ministry or business that God is leading you to.

Students in both DLA tracks receive hands on ministry training, personal discipleship and leadership opportunities.
We are now accepting applications and would love for you to be a part.

For His Reward,

David and Renata Perkins
– Founders

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