Monarch 2015

Friends! Two weeks ago, all of DLA took a trip up to Monarch here in Colorado for some quality time on the slopes. Here are a few iphone shots taken by DLA students themselves capturing bits of the day. Enjoy!

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Faces of DLA

Daniel “This is the last time I try to take notes and film.” Grace She was crocheting a scarf while working a worship set. Jacob “Can I take your photo?” “Sure! Hey do I have anything in my teeth?” Hello everyone! Here’s another week of student portraits of Desperation Leadership Academy. With every portrait, we […]

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Making Worship

What does making worship take? What does worship in it’s fullness look like? Worship indeed does happen among a sea of faces and is sent from stages. But the best worship comes from the times where there is no audience, where it is just you and Him, or where you are simply working to become […]

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Retreat Rememberings

More often than not, things make more sense when aged with time and experience. Sure enough, 21 days after winter retreat, as the fast ends today, every word said at those late night services seem to make complete sense. Our very own Dan Perkins, Brandon Cormier, and Caleb Culver, all took different perspectives on prayer […]

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Faces of DLA

Dylan & Brenna “We really are working.” Jared & Collin “What’s in the bag, guys?” “Not rocks.” Hannah One hundred and two. There are one hundred and two DLA students this year. That is exactly one hundred and two personalities, faces, voices, and names. Each of those individuals has his/her own dreams, talents, jokes, stories, […]

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The Twenty One

  Friends! This week has been the best welcome into 2015. As New Life embarks on a corporate one week 24/7 prayer movement, DLA fervently embarks to push for two more weeks. In these three weeks of nonstop fasting and prayer, we as DLA are all so thrilled to see the different and various ways […]

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